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Lugana DOC 2015

Exceptional quality, perfect fermentation: this can describe the 2015 vintage for Lugana. Its grapes come from vineyards with clay soils of post-glacial limestone, located in the municipalities of Peschiera del Garda and Desenzano. The seasonal harvest trend of this vintage was very positive. The favorable weather conditions allowed us to have grapes in a perfect state of maturation and very healthy; thanks to this we could plan the best harvesting and winemaking operations, paying attention only to qualitative aspects.
The production results are very positive: the 2015 vintage is giving us a Lugana with intense straw-colored and greenish-bright hues, elegant and fine nose which refers to an incredible floral potpourri, full-bodied structure and lively acidity, which allows a good evolution over time.

Lugana, if tasted young, could be paired with lake and sea fish dishes: fried anchovies, sea bass and boiled shrimps, while the more aged Lugana can be matched with tastier and more complex fish dishes: barbecued eel, baked tench, peppered mussels, grilled lobsters. If it is fully aged, it could challenge even the white meat such as roast rabbit.
Lugana of Santa Sofia, if stored horizontally in cool and dark place, would evolve with virtues up to 10 years and more!

Luigi Veronelli wrote: "Drink your Lugana young, very young, and you'll enjoy its freshness. Drink it two or three years old and you'll enjoy its completeness. Drink it ten years old, you will be amazed by its authoritative complexity”. In fact Lugana - which takes its name from the ancient name of the area, namely Lucana, a term that comes from the Latin Lucus which means “forest” - is a simple wine in its basic version, structured and complex over the years.

Short historical note: the Lugana wine was already known at the time of ancient Rome, so that the poet Catullus sang its praises and drank it plenty during his journeys in the family’s villa in Sirmione. The granting of the DOC dates back to 1967: it was the first DOC in Lombardy and among the first ones in Italy.

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