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Seasonal trend 2016
The first buds

The 2016 seasonal trend is proving to be quite unpredictable, due to the weather instability in the last few weeks. The cloudy sky and the little sun are reflected in the difficulty of the vines to complete the best photosynthesis and we really hope that the summer will come soon.

In our vineyards of Briago, located in Grezzana of Valpolicella Valpantena, the first buds appeared: they reached about 30-40 centimeters and they are slowly growing. So far we have planted about 5 hectares, of which: 1.8 of Corvina grapes, 1.7 of Rondinella grapes and 1.5 of Corvinone grapes.
As soon as the weather will be steady and will dry out the still wet ground, we will plant about 2.5 hectares more of only Corvinone.

In November 2016 we have programmed to plant Corvina and a small percentage of Teroldego, in order to have in total around 13-hectare-vineyards.