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Flan of zucchini con fried courgette flowers

The recipe of this month is proposed by RISTORANTE ANTICO RISTORO
(Custoza di Sommacampagna – VR)

Recipe for zucchini flan (4 persons)
200 gr of zucchini - 100 gr of cream - 50 g of grated Grana Padano cheese - 1/2 small onion - 2 eggs - salt - white pepper - 2 tablespoons of DOP Garda extra virgin olive oil
Cook the zucchini cut into pieces with the finely chopped onion with salt and pepper. Pass the mixture in a blender, then mix the zucchini in a bowl with the other ingredients: cream, cheese and eggs. Lay the obtained mixture in aluminum molds and bake at 170 ° C for about 30 minutes. The molds should be placed in a bain marie with water during cooking.

Recipe for fried courgette flowers (4 persons)
8 fresh courgette flowers - For the batter: 100 gr of cornstarch + 100 gr of wheat flour + 100 gr of durum wheat semolina + 100 gr of rice flour – 0,75 ml of very cold sparkling water, 1 lt of sunflower oil.
Stir the flour with a whisk into a bowl, add the sparkling water until the mixture is thick enough. Dip the zucchini flowers in batter and fry in hot oil.

Serve the flan warm with above 2-3 fried courgette flowers.

Among the sweet hills of Custoza, between the Lake Garda and the countryside of Verona, you can find this beautiful Seventeenth-century Villa that houses a prestigious restaurant, the Antico Ristoro: an authentic island of peace, surrounded from a green vast park with a small river and a fountain. The restaurant has been created from the original factory next to the county of the Counts Ottolini.

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