Stories of Valpolicella

by Véronique Enderlin – Les Enderlin Bureau


I’ ve discovered Valpolicella thanks to Santa Sofia and one of the most beautiful experiences that I enjoyed exploring the region, dining in traditional restaurants, was the surprising and odd pairing of Valpolicella Classico of Santa Sofia with baccalà alla Vicentina (cod fish, typical dish of Vicenza), prepared in big chunks and served with polenta, preferably grilled on the fire.

hat happened in one of the most ancient historical trattorias, located in the valley of Marano di Valpolicella: Antica Trattoria da Bepi. Chef’s proposal to pair this Vicenza’s recipe, which we can find easily also in Valpolicella, immediately triggered a certain scepticism, but then we trusted them, both with curiosity and will to experiment.

The Baccalà alla Vicentina has a distinctive aroma and taste, which they taught me can express thanks to the slow cooking of this cod (originally dried and then rehydrated) with a lot of onions in a crockpot, soaked in milk and extra virgin oil in same quantity. Wine in the pairing needs to be intense, but also fresh and sapid, all characteristics of a fresh Valpolicella, which is aged only in stainless steel tanks, thereby loved for its crispiness, juiciness and salinity at the same time.

It seemed that they were meant to be together, despite different backgrounds, which history and traditions brought together. Therefore, we thought to tell on the front page of the newest Press Reviews, our collection of publications, result of a year of hard work, some stories of the land that we discovered escorting journalists. This year the cover is dedicated to the pairing between food and wine, that enduring connection that makes people emotional, and also to the skills of hospitality of a chef’s table.

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