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Bigoli with lake sardines

Recipe by “Trattoria Alla Porchetta” (San Peretto di Negrar)

We propose a recipe of the Venetian tradition, here prepared by "Trattoria alla Porchetta" in San Peretto of Negrar: bigoli with lake sardines in salt. For those who do not know what it is, bigoli are a kind of fresh pasta similar to spaghetti, from which they are different not only for the diameter, they are in fact thicker, but also for their surface that is rougher and therefore suitable to collect more seasoning. In this recipe they are accompanied by a simple but very tasty sauce. Considered a plate for eating lean, they were served once on the occasion of Christmas Eve, Carnival and during Lent. Here we thought with lake sardines, put in salt, and we are pairing it with Lugana DOC 2015.

Ingredients for 4 people:
320 grams of egg bigoli
6 salted sardines
1 clove of garlic
extra virgin olive oil
q.s. breadcrumbs

Saute garlic in oil in a pan and when hot add the previously cleaned sardines (do not wash them).
Let them cook for about 5 minutes and in the meantime boil the pasta in salted water till they are “al dente”. Once cooked, add the pasta in the pan, where you also slightly cook a little bit of bread crumbs in the extra virgin olive oil and garlic. If you wish, add the parsley, then serve immediately and enjoy!

Trattoria Alla Porchetta
Via San Peretto 18
37024 Negrar (VR)
Tel. 045 7500011
It is closed on Tuesday.

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