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Soave Brut Spumante

New brand new packaging, new label, new bottle and a wine with greater character and typicity: our sparkling changes and becomes Soave DOC Brut Spumante.

Made with 100% Garganega grapes coming from Monte Foscarino vineyard located between the towns of Soave and Monteforte d'Alpone, we produce this sparkling wine after the vinification of Soave still wine: the second fermentation to create the perlage is made with a long Charmat method, i.e. in an autoclave (pressure tank of stainless steel) with an ageing on the lees for about 6-9 months in order to bring out the best aromatic characteristics of the grape variety and at the same time donate creaminess and structure to the wine.

The wine has a pale lemon colour, the bubbles are fine and persistent; on the nose it is intense and elegant, with scents of fresh almonds and white flowers and with slight yeast aromas showing complexity, due to the ageing on the lees. On the palate, it has a refreshing acidity, with a savory-mineral hint that reminds to the typicity of Soave and a pleasant finish of almond that adds personality and invites to taste it again.
At a young age, the wine is perfect for aperitifs, but it can become a versatile wine, ideal to pair with food, thanks to the more complex nuances that arise with the bottle ageing.

Short historical note: nowadays the sparkling wines are made mainly with the Martinotti-Charmat method, i.e. the second fermentantion to obtain the bubbles takes place in sealed containers called "autoclave"(pressure tanks of stainless steel). The aim of this method is to enhance the varietal characteristics and the fruitiness of the starting grape variety. The sparkling method in the autoclave was deepened in Italy by Federico Martinotti, director of the Experimental Institute for Oenology of Asti, who conceived in the '20s the method of controlled fermentation in large containers. Who knew how to exploit the insights of Martinotti was the French engineer Charmat, who left the wooden autoclaves from the Italian proposal and adopted the pressure tanks of stainless steel.

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