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Zaletti of polenta

The Zaeti, (Xaeti in Venetian) are typical Venetian biscuits. They are also called zaletti, zaleti and known as gialletti for the yellow colour due to their ingredients.
We propose the recipe of the Restaurant “13 COMUNI” (Velo Veronese, in Lessinia, VR). Elisa Anderloni and Giovanni Caltagirone are passionate interpreters of the culinary culture of Lessinia mountains.

milk: 750 gr
butter: 112 gr
salt to taste
150 g white flour
“Fioretto” corn flour 150 gr
custard 750 g
icing sugar 130 g
5 whole eggs
raisins 300 gr
pine nuts 150 gr
Backing powder 11 gr

Boil together the first three ingredients; add to the mix the two flours (white and corn flour), after mixing them together, in order to make a polenta. Mix the polenta first with a whisk then with a wooden spoon, so that it becomes harder; Knead it until it will form a ball that comes naturally off the pot. Then let it cool a bit by moving it in a planetary mixer with the leaf. Add the remaining ingredients one at a time with care, making sure that the custard is very cold and the eggs are added one at a time. When you add the yeast, the dough should not be very hot. Form the “zaletti” using a cooking spoon. Bake in a ventilated oven at 170°-180°C for about 35 minutes, constantly checking that the cooking is uniform.

Try matching an hot zabaglione, we recommend trying zaletti of polenta with a glass of our Recioto della Valpolicella DOC Classico.

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